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Geneva is the leading cardiac device data management suite that collects and organizes implantable device data from the major cardiac rhythm management (CRM) device manufacturers.

The Geneva Suite integrates and manages cardiac device data from interrogations at the point of care, clinic visits, and remote monitoring transmissions – uniting the data into an intuitive dashboard, accessible anywhere and anytime by all clinicians. Using the Geneva Suite along with existing device programmers, providers are able to immediately interrogate any cardiac device at the point of care and thereby eliminate time lost waiting for the device manufacturer's representative to arrive to perform an interrogation. By integrating Geneva into their workflow, providers have been able to reduce patient wait times by over 90 minutes at the point of care and help improve the quality of care for the device patient population.


for cardiac device patients at the point of care


by reducing patient wait times across all acute care settings


by presenting critical cardiac data for real time alerting and longitudinal analytics

The Geneva Suite transforms cardiac device data into actionable information for providers, physicians, payers, and patients, improving the quality of care and lowering costs.

Geneva Overview

The Geneva Value

  • Improves patient flow by allowing for the immediate interrogation and viewing of any cardiac device data, eliminating the need to wait for device manufacturer representatives

  • Rapidly identifies the device status - detecting lead fractures, malfunctions, and depleted batteries

  • Creates a single, unified repository for all cardiac device patient’s remote monitoring transmissions and point-of-care interrogations

  • Electronically generates, edits, and stores all device interrogation documentation and integrating it into a provider’s electronic medical record

  • Screens for device-detected atrial fibrillation in a patient population, leading to treatment opportunities

The Geneva Suite standardizes and presents the cardiac device data in an intuitive dashboard that is immediately accessible and usable to all clinicians to make faster and more accurate clinical decisions.




someone in America dies of heart disease & stroke

Atrial fibrillation is a


of heart failure and stroke

Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke by


and doubles the risk of death

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By 2050 over 12 million people will be affected by atrial fibrillation

Geneva – Identifying Atrial Fibrillation

The Geneva Suite captures invaluable cardiac device, arrhythmia and physiologic data in real time that can be used as an alert or tracked as a trend leading to earlier recognition of a change in the patient’s condition. The data can be integrated with an electronic medical record or a clinical data warehouse for deeper longitudinal analytics. The Geneva Suite can help identify those cardiac device patients with atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure who are at risk for readmission with more serious complications such as respiratory failure and stroke. Geneva Healthcare is committed to improving chronic disease states with an initial focus on cardiac device management, arrhythmias, and congestive heart failure.


Built On Experience

Geneva Healthcare was launched by a team of Cardiologists and User Experience Designers with a persistent belief that patients have a right to their data, clinicians should have usable information from which to make decisions, and that the industry will benefit by streamlining medical interventions.